Vidyut controls plc automation
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plc panel
  PLC Based Automation Systems  
PLC based automation systems are used for automatic control of various processes in plant and machines. PLC comprises of digital I/Os, analog I/Os, special function modules etc. Use of PLC avoids conventional relay logics. PLC is used in combination of HMI, SCADA to facilitate operation.
  TYPE   Fixed / Floor mounted compartmental
  PROTECTION CLASS   IP42 / IP 54 / IP 55 - Optional
  MOC   CRCA 12 / 14.
  RATED VOLTAGE   110 / 48 / 24 VDC, 240 VAC 50 Hz
  APPLICTION   Process control
  ENTRY   Top or Bottom
  BUSBAR   Copper bus for D.C distribution of separate insulation earth bus
  PLC   Fixed / Modular with CPU power supply, mounting racks digital I/O modules, analog I/O modules, special function modules
  ACCESSORIES   •  Interposing relays for digital output
•  Fuse terminal for digital output and analog I/Os
•  Utility power socket for laptops 

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