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Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
Automatic Power Factor Improvement Systems
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel is designed to maintain power factor of plant to unity. To maintain power factor of unity means to achieve demand in KVA on lower side. Power factor is maintained to set value using APFC relay in auto mode where as in case of failure of APFC relay push buttons are used. Auto as well as manual mode is provided for power factor control. Various types of capacitors are used depending on load conditions. Typically MPP, APP or mix dielectric types of capacitors are used. In case of non linear loads like VFD, UPS thyrister switching, suitable reactors are used along with capacitors to filter harmonics.

  TYPE   Automatic power factor correction panel.
  APFC RELAY   Current sensing, KVAR sensing.
  CAPACITOR TYPE   APP/MPP Heavy Duty/ Mix dielectric.
Higher size of contact rating for better performance on capacitor switching.
  VENTILATION   Exhaust Fan of adogvate capacitor with levels.
  OPERATION   Auto operation through APFC controller and manual through PBS.
Time lag function is provided between switching of capacitor.
  ENTRY   Top or Bottom.

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